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fourteen. [fifteen in august; celebrate]
PC florida.
+Single or Taken:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sea foam green.
Sushi, tofu miso soup, and salad with ginger dressing.
The Unicorns.
Nellie McKay.
Le Tigre.
Regina Spektor.

Hairstyles of the damned.
girl, interrupted.
HP series.
ALIST series.
keeping you a secret.

Singing, Music, Graphic making, HTML, photography.

garden State.
New waterford Girl.
Some like it hot.
sixteen candles.
pretty in pink.
breakfast club.
breakfast at tiffanys.
pretty woman.

+Song(s) (notate which one you’d like to go on our playlist):
Jelly bones- the unicorns
Its a pose- Nellie mckay
decepaton- le tigre < playlist.
lets talk about spaceships- say hi to your mom < playlist option two.

+Farm Animal:

+Dr. Seuss Book:
one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
[i read to kids on dr suess day -or did for 5 years- and its always the one i pick]

+Pre-school song (Lyrics please!):
like a nursery rhyme.?
Frère Jacques duh. my mother sang it to me when i was a kid because we are part french and all that jazz.

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines. Sonnez les matines.
Din, din, don. Din, din, don.

and i know there is another verse out there somewhere but i dont remember it.


+ 3 things that piss you off:
double negatives.
jessica simpson.

+Least favorite holiday:
Christmas. i lov celebrating it with family in VA and doing the perron thing and gift exchange with all the forgien food, but i dont like the actual holiday. probably because its that christ celebrating day thing when jesus was born and im atheist.

+Least favorite style of music and reason why:
country. i used to sing it karaoke in cowboy books when i was a little kid; it seriously disturbed me.

+Who do you look up to?
My old english teacher. she was really wicked for being 50+.

+What do you want to do before you die?
Bungee jump. ive wanted to so bad for so long even though i have nightmares of falling.

+Make us laugh:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

+Do you like to doodle, if so provide an example:

this and about a million other notebooks, peices of furniture, desktops, mirrors...

+Name your favorite old Nickelodeon T.V shows:
the secret life of alex mack.
and i really loved clarissa explained it all.
but it was all better then what they are playing now.

+Would you dance on a street corner naked for nickels?
maybe not naked...completly.

+What new ideas can you bring to this community?
theme ideas, er, and stuff.

--|Opinions|(Pick three! And at least TRY to make yourself sound intelligent.)|--

+The government, in general:
+Music Piracy:
+ The Atkins Phenomenon:
The atkins diet was lame. So getting rid of carbs makes since if you want to lose weight fast because its the first sorce of energy and if you dont have that then your body burns up the fat. BUT you need carbs in your brain and such.
+ Pre-marital Sex:
+ Online dating:
Kind of silly unless you met them through something/someone reliable and have intentions on meeting this person. blah, ive done it so i guess i know.?
+Capital Punishment:
+The legalization of Marijuana:
+Animal Testing:
NO animals life is worth any product out there.


Promote in 3 places, other communities if possible and provide proof.

here here and here.

If i get accepted, would you be interested in being sister communitys with the communitys i created and moderate.? dinosaur_soup

--|Pictures|(Of course these are not necessary, and will not affect your application...but it’d be nice to have a picture to put on the member’s page)|--

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ofcourse, this is my good side. hah.



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