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--| Basics |--

+ Name: Lou

+ Age: 15

+ Location: Seattle.

+ Single or Taken: Single. But my Snuffleupagus plushie makes up for it.

--| Favorites |--

+ Color(s): Banana Yellow, Turqouise, Lime Green

+ Food(s): Chow Mien, Easy Mac, Bagels

+ Bands/Artist(s): Neutral Milk Hotel, Dashboard Confessional, The Shins, Daphne Loves Derby, The Postal Service, Snow Patrol, Straylight Run, Hot Hot Heat, The Bravery, The Caesers, Tsunami Bomb, As Tall As Lions, Of Montreal, Our Lady Peace, Taking Back Sunday, The Dresden Dolls, Interpol, The Early November The Blood Brothers, The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins

+ Books: White Oleander, The Time Travelers Wife, Green Eggs and Ham, The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, Never Ending Story

Intrests and Hobbies: I am a theatre junkie. I started out as being a fish in a stage production of 'The Little Mermaid' when I was four, and I've progressed ever since. I've been in productions such as 'Bye Bye Birdie', 'Bang Bang Your Dead', 'Into The Woods' and 'Noises Off'. I love acting, and I especially love the people. Drama Kids = 100% Rad. I'm also really into photography, I love taking random pictures, but usually my photo subjects are my friends. I'm saving up for a new digital camera at the moment, because my current one has died. Sad News. I play Violin, and have since I was ten. I don't want to seem full of myself, but I am pretty good. I played as a first violin in prchestra when we played Phantom of the Opera this year, and that was a blast. We had full symphony, a synthesizer and two bass guitars. It rocked. I'm very diverse when it comes to my leisure time activities, and I'm the kind of person who will never say no to drawing on my driveway with colored chalk.

+ Movies: Garden State, Sixteen Candles, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Pretty In Pink, The Phantom Of The Opera, Amelie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Triplets of Belleville, The Toxic Avenger.

+ Songs:
- Mistakes We Knew We Were Making - Straylight Run
- Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional
- Life - Our Lady Peace
- Break Blossom - As Tall As Lions
- Kissing The Lipless - The Shins
- Middle Of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat.
+ Farm Animal: The Cow Goes: Moo. It's a Classic.

+ Dr. Seuss Book: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

+ Pre-school song:
Heads And Shoulders,
Knees And Toes,
Knee and Toes!
Head and Shoulders,
Knees and Toes,
Knees and Toes!
and Ears,
And Mouth,
And Nose!
Heads And Shoulders,
Knees And Toes,
Knee and Toes!

click here to sing along!

--| Random |--

+ 3 things that piss you off: liars, rotten tomatoes and sticky notes that don't stick.

+ Least favorite holiday: Easter.

+ Least favorite style of music: It might sound cliche, But I'm really not supportive of rap music. Most of the lyrics belittle women and feature 'n*gger' or 'b*tch' as the prominent word. I'm not cool with that.

+ Who do you look up to? My dog Sebastian. No matter the weather or what mood I'm in, he never hesitates to look at me with those big brown eyes and beg me for a cuddle. I don't know what I'd do without him.

+ What do you want to do before you die? I really want to visit every continent, and see places like The Great Wall and Pompeii.

+ Make us laugh:
A man and a giraffe go to a bar to get drunk together.
They take their seats and start downing beers at a rapid rate,
until the giraffe is so off his face that he slides under the table and collapses in a heap on the floor.
The man gets up to leave, but is called over by the barman, who says; 'You can't leave that lying there.'
The man replies; 'It's not a lion, it's a giraffe.'

+ Do you like to doodle? I doodle on everything. Math Tests, Homework, Phone Book Pages. Lately I've taken to making doodles on Paint and giving them to my Myspace Friends. Here are a few:

+ Name your favorite old Nickelodeon T.V shows: Pete and Pete, Ahh! Real Monsters and of course, Rocko's Modern Life.

+ Would you dance on a street corner naked for nickels? Since the only dancing I do is in the shower, I don't think I'd be much of a crowd pleaser.

+ What new ideas can you bring to this community? I'm very eccentric, and I think up alot of random stuff all the time. I'm sure I can bring some sort of random amusement.

--| Opinions |--

+ Homosexuality: I think the love is love, and no one should stop that. If you're in love with a person you have every right to be with them. I think it's utter-rubish that the US government is trying to oppress the homosexual population. That is a violation of their rights as humans, no matter what slant the government puts on it. If you get technical, marriage is giving a couple the right to be legally reckognized as eachothers spouse so they can have tax benifits and buy things together. That has nothing to do with the Bible, and when people argue that the bible states clearly that marriage is man + woman, I have one little phrase for them: seperation of church and state. We shouldn't force those belief on others, and if they want to get married they should have every right to.

+ The Atkins Phenomenon: This diet is a crock. You eat a whole lot of starch, which has no nutritional value what so ever, and alot of meat, which I am extremely against, being a hardcore vegan. Plus, doing this is extremely bad for your health. You lose many nessicary vitamins and nutrients, and it raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, dangerously low blood sugar and high cholesterol. Many people who are on the diet are confused on how the diet works because it is complex and somewhat unclear, and they end up dehydrated because they become overzelous when exercising, because the amount of excersize needed isn't specified. Basically, one small mistake could land you in the hospital, and you don't get to eat fruit. I vote no.

+ Animal Rights: I think animal rights are extremely important. There is a big controversy concerning treatment of animals used in the food buisness. One of the biggest people contributing to this is KFC. They are brutal to the chickens, and the brutalities include being stuffed in cages their whole lives with no room to even spread their wings and being plucked and dunked in hot oil alive. Though KFC is whom you usually hear about, other places such as Burger King, McDonalds and even Safeway have been known for brutalities, so there is no gaurentee of eating 'safe' meat. I personally believe in being vegan, because animals were not put on this planet to be our food. They are intelligent creatures, and feel pain and fear just like we do, which is why eating or testing on them is not right. The most common practice of animal testing is Vivisection, in which animals are cut open alive and tested on. They do not get painkillers, because it could have an effect on the results, and are not properly taken care of afterwards. Many times this results in infection, and animals die a very painful death. Not cool at all.

--| Promotion |--

+ My Journal.

+ My Info.

+ A Community.
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