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Put this gun to my head, and make the music start again.

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. x . Play . it . Loud . x . Love . it . Loud . x . Live . it . Loud . x .
--|The Rules|--
1. Post an application within 24 hours of joining or else you will be banned.

2. ALL applications must be under LJ cut. (<*lj-cut text="Insert Title Here"*> without the stars, of course) Put your favorite color as the LJ-cut title, so we know you read the rules. Or at least glanced at them.

3. You can't be closeminded and a part of this community it won't work, sorry.

4. Please don't base an application simply on how someone looks, or how someone dresses this community isn't about that.

5.. Stay active and please promote. Participate in theme voting and the like.

6. Love yourself, your fellow members,and your mods. Please be respectful. You're allowed to disagree, but please no put-downs.

7. Play It Loud.Love It Loud.Live It Loud.

--|The Application|--